Ibom Specialist Hospital Quadruplet Mother Testifies

Ibom Specialist Hospital is a beacon of hope in the health sector in Nigeria, and in confirmation of our claims of being excellent in medical care, we have a satisfied mother of quadruplets having so much to say about our services.

She wasted no time recognizing how vast, professional, and excellent our staff and service delivery are, even as she went ahead to praise our level of sophistication regarding equipment that helps get the job done.

Mrs. Rachel is just like any other satisfied patient who heard good about us, drew near to see if they were true or not, and thanked God they were true.

Speaking to specialists at the hospital during an interview, her statement read:

“My name is Rachel. I’m the mother of the quadruplets, quadruplet boys. I walked into Ibom Multi Specialty Hospital some months ago with my husband having been told of the good services they render, so l came to verify for myself. 

On my entrance, I was well received by the matron and she told me so many things, the price, and the services they offer. So on that first day, I had my COVID-19 test, everything went very successfully, and everything was good.

Everything was okay, they attended to us very well and on time. And they took very good care of my children until we were discharged from the hospital. Their price is quite fair compared to what l used to hear when before I came here. It was fair. It was fair compared to what people used to say. 

I really appreciate the hospital for all their kindness because they went out of their way to take care of my children and I. They were taking good care of the hospital, the bed space, the room, everything was just okay and it was worth every dime that we spent here. So I really appreciate them for their good services. I want to say that Ibom Multi Specialty Hospital is one of the best, if not the best right now in the Akwa Ibom State.

Yes, it’s a good hospital, the hygiene is okay, the environment is good and the staff are well-trained and well-mannered to take care of every patient here. So I think I would recommend it. I recommend it to the general public. 

You can walk in here and get good services and good health provisions. Thank you so much, Ibom Multi Specialty Hospital.Thank you to all the staff that stood by us. I really appreciate it. Thank you so much.”

This is only one of the many satisfied patients who are not ashamed to be identified with our expertise and brand. We are dedicated to delivering only the best, come with your expectations and we’ll meet you halfway with our expertise and excellence, you should be the next satisfied patient.

Full Testimony Video

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