Why Ibom Specialty Hospital is the Best in Nigeria

Why Ibom Multi Specialty Hospital is the Best in Nigeria: Ibom Multi Specialist Hospital is widely recognized to be one of the best health facilities in Nigeria at the moment, the praises of our achievements have been and are still being sung by many who have benefitted from our cutting-edge services from far and wide.

We are keen on maintaining and staying updated with international best practices which is one of the reasons why our staff ranging from clinical to non-clinical staff are constantly selected through a rigorous process and updated regularly to ensure that only the best come in contact with our patients. This among other things makes us the best in this part of the West.

Reading through this blog post will give you strong reasons that will support our claims and those of others who have testified on our behalf. So, here are 5 Reasons Why Ibom Multi Specialty Hospital is the Best in Nigeria.

Highly Automated Laboratory

We pride ourselves in being one of the very few but the best in Nigeria when it comes to running a fully automated laboratory. Our laboratory is specially designed and equipped to meet every laboratory need and demands of our patients who troop in from far and wide.

Our “Highly Automated Laboratory” employs advanced automation technologies to streamline and enhance its processes, increase efficiency, reduce human intervention, and improve the accuracy and reproducibility of experiments and tests.

Also, our Highly automated laboratory plays a significant role in accelerating research, improving the accuracy of results, and increasing productivity in various scientific and industrial fields. In addition to this, we carefully maintain our laboratory and manage them with skilled personnel to ensure smooth operation and data integrity.

Our Laboratory Services

We offer the following laboratory services:

  • Clinical Biochemistry
  • Hematology
  • Microbiology – parasitology
  • Cytopathology
  • Hormones
  • Molecular Biology
  • Allergy Tests (RAST)
  • Clinical Pathology
  • Histopathology; Immunohistochemistry
  • Drug Assays
  • Tumor Markers
  • autoimmune Diseases

Radiology and Imaging Services

When it comes to radiology and imaging services we are widely recognized to be top tier with unrivaled level of experience and service delivery.

Radiology and imaging services encompass a wide range of medical procedures and diagnostic techniques that use various imaging technologies which we have been fully equipped with. These are crucial medical services of which we are your best bet because we have been recognized within out outside the medical community for diagnosing and monitoring a variety of medical conditions through our Radiology and imaging services.

These services are typically provided by radiologic technologists, radiologists, and other healthcare professionals trained in medical imaging techniques. They play a crucial role in improving patient care and outcomes across various medical specialties.

Our Radiology and Imaging Services and Equipment

All of our radiology and imaging equipment are top-notch, they also match recent technological advancements and proper utilization. Below are our equipments:

  • 1.5 TESLA MRI (Toshiba)
  • 640-Slice CT Scan (Toshiba)
  • High-end Ultrasound with 2D Color Doppler, Digital mammography
  • X-ray with Digital Radiography and Computerized Radiography and Fluoroscopy – Digital
  • Special Radiography Procedures (like IVP, MCUG, Barium Swallow, Barium Meal follow-through, Barium Enema)
  • Ultrasound Guided FNAC and Biopsy
  • CT Angiography
  • CT Caroled Angiography
  • CT Pulmonary Angiography: Four and Triple phase CECT study
  • CT Angiography Abdominal Aorta
  • CT Angio-Renal
  • Fistulography

Highly Responsive Accident and Emergency Department

Our Accident and Emergency Department plays a crucial in providing immediate, life-saving care and stabilization to individuals facing urgent medical situations. We also take appropriate action for all types of medical or surgical emergencies arriving at Ibom Multi Specialty Hospital.

We have a mission to provide immediate emergency care for all ill or injured patients in a competent and caring manner.

Prompt assessment and triage by our qualified emergency staff followed by definitive management by the concerned specialist aims at reducing risks and even mortality in the often crucial first hour. The accident and Emergency services are available round the clock.

An evidence-based triaging system Improves care and efficiency from the moment the patient arrives to determine not only the required intensity or service but also a coordinated care tract for a specific diagnosis Multidisciplinary approaches in the designing of plans of care that specifically address and meet the needs of patients with a multitude of disease processes are a large part of our practice. The level of care is optimized by the well structured and equipped infrastructure.

State of the Art Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

We are currently running a State-of-the-Art Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Our ICU is a specialized medical facility that provides highly advanced and specialized care for critically ill patients. Our facility receives critically ill patients who beckon on our services at any time of the day because we work around the clock.

Also, ICUs are equipped with cutting-edge medical technology and staffed by a team of highly trained healthcare professionals to monitor and manage patients with life-threatening conditions.

Key Components and Features of Our State-of-the-art ICU

The following are key components of our ICU:

  • Advanced Monitoring Equipment
  • Highly Specialized Staff
  • Advanced Life Support
  • Telemedicine
  • Integrated Electronic Health Records (EHR)
  • Specialized Units
  • Advanced Imaging
  • Infection Control Measures
  • Pharmacy Services
  • Surgical Facilities
  • Family-Centered Care
  • Research and Education
  • Quality Improvement Initiatives
  • Disaster Preparedness

Highly Equipped Surgical Theatre

We are devoted to excellently carrying out general, minimal access, and vascular surgery routine procedures.

Our surgical theaters have been fully equipped with advanced medical technology and instruments to help ensure the safety and success of surgical interventions. In addition to this, we currently host the best sets of medical surgeons within the medical industry who are devoted to saving lives and ensuring excellent healthcare delivery.

Our general, minimal access and vascular surgery routine procedures include:

  • Thyroid surgery (including cancer surgery) or breast surgery
  • Abdominal surgery
  • Thoracic surgery
  • Vascular access surgery for hemodialysis and implantation of port-a-cath
  • Minimal Access Surgery
  • Cholecystectomy (removal of gallbladder), Appendectomy (removal of appendix)
  • Surgery on the Uterus and Ovaries (including repair of fallopian tube for extra-urine gravidity, removal of the uterus, and removal of fibroids)
  • Thoracoscopic surgery (surgery in the chest)
  • Open surgery decortications
  • Herniorrhaphy with Mesh Licheintein technique
  • Hydrocele
  • Pelvic floor; Urine Incontinence with slim sub urethral (Monarch)
  • Eventoplaty with Mesh
  • Varicose
  • Thyroglossal cyst


All these and more contribute to our consistently excellent healthcare delivery. These are the Reasons Why Ibom Multi Specialty Hospital is the Best in Nigeria.

You can read through our list of services and specialties and do well to visit us anytime you have a need for our medical expertise and as usual we will come through any time, any day. also, you can do well to reach us via our mail address @info@ibommultispecialisthospital.org or with ibomspecialisthospitaluyo@gmail.com. for inquiries.

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